Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magic Castle

A castle fit for a princess.
A castle filled with magic and mystique.
A castle high up in the hills.

This is the Magic Castle. High up in the Hollywood hills, this historic landmark is the favorite hangout to magicians all over the world. Outsiders need to garner an invite in order to just pay the $20 admission fee.

That on top of the pricey fancy meal can make for a steep night but it's rare for one to be able to have an opportunity to doll up in LA in places other than clubs and lounges. Watching magic shows is a refreshing change.

Don't we all look so ravishing? I think so too.

Here I am getting magic'd on. He later set my hand on fire. Just kidding (?)

Sad this blog has not been updated on as much as I'd like to. Been working regularly these days, making it hard to go out for a jaunt of sorts. However, next weekend, I will be visiting another magical place: New York City! Get ready for much updates then (though many may be about food... you don't mind, do you?)


Steve said...

I heard about this place a while ago and really wanted to go! Do you have a magician friend? O_o

Becs said...

Looks fun! Have a fabulous time in NYC.