Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Be Very Important

There are days when I enjoy just being a regular person.

You know, one of those you see crossing the streets and give nary a glance to. There are times when I just want to be treated like everyone else. Given the same amount of trouble and negligence by staff members, by teachers, by boys.

But then, there are also times when it is really really good to be VIP.

Visiting the stadium built for Beijing's 2008 Olympics, the bird's nest, was one of those times.

It would have been okay catching a taxi or riding the bus like other normal civilians, but it was a little bit better to have a police escort leading our van into the stadium so we would only have to walk the minimum amount of distance to get into the nest.

It would have been nice to just stare at the nest from the outside like all the other tourists were doing but it was just a tad cooler to be able to go into the stadium VIP status for a tour.

And to sit at seats where foreign dignitaries and celebrities and athletes were sitting to watch the opening ceremony at a more comfortable view.

It would have been nice to leave after visiting the bird's nest cause it's like, "cool, we got the inside view" but it was just a smidge better to get another view of the nest from the outside on a VIP rooftop suite.

It would have been nice to just leave you with pretty pictures of us in polite poses but it's just way more fun to be a little goofy and pretend we're on the cover of a Spice Girls album.

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Jessica Jann said...

HAHAHAAHAHAH these pictures look great, and looks like a lot of fun! :D awww china seemed like a blast! now your here! :D yay. explore mong kok today!