Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arrivals and Departures

The end of the year always stirs up some bittersweet feelings in me. On the one hand, "WhOO HOO! SCHOOL'S OUT!" On the other hand, seniors are graduating, and fun moments, events and accomplishments- all gone.  College is like that, each new year is a fresh start, a clean slate, there are new things to try and new circumstances to come across.

This year, the best thing I have done was audition for LCC, my school's Asian American theatre company.  LCC is a complicated group to explain.  We basically perform one show each quarter and in these shows are usually four short scenes written, directed, and performed by group members. We also perform improv a la "Who's Line is It Anyway?"  Then, there are side projects also put together by group members and those tend to be either sketches in the form of "SNL" or video projects.

Last quarter, I had an amazing time acting as Mother Goose in a fairy tale-gone-wrong scene entitled, "Goldie Locks vs. the Three Bears" (I think you know what the story might be about.) 
This quarter, I was blessed enough to be involved in, not one but TWO, of LCC's main scenes.  I have written one and am directing another.  It is my first time as writer and director and I am so excited to see my work on-stage!

Our shows also have a different theme/title each quarter and this quarter's was fittingly entitled, "Arrivals and Departures."  I personally feel it will be an incredible two night of performances and one you should not miss out on!  I would never fault you for not attending my shows (especially if you don't go to LA) because we all have school and life and yada yada.  However, I never knew how happy and touched I could get until I looked out on stage last quarter and saw shiny, beaming faces of my friends staring back at me.  It was such a great feeling to know that people are supporting you, enjoying the hard work and labor that you've slaved over all quarter for. 

Evelyn even brought me flowers! Icing on the cake!

So, this quarter, if you're not so busy, stop on by the Northwest Auditorium and check out our show.  You can arrive and depart anytime you'd like but I doubt you would want to miss a single minute of the show.

 I'm down on my knees and beggin' ya to come!

LCC Spring Show: "Arrivals and Departures"
Northwest Auditorium (by Sproul Hall)
Mon. 5/19 & Tues. 5/20 @ 7-9PM
admissions: FREE!