Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flying Fish!

After puttering around Portland, we took a lovely train ride to Seattle, home of the first Starbucks, Nirvana and Grey's Anatomy.
Our abode, the conveniently-located Green Tortoise Hostel, provided us plenty of local sights and sounds to meander around.
We first dined at the Three Girls Bakery, a quaint diner where I had the best.meatloaf.sandwich.ever! For some reason, I am a very big fan of meatloaf. It gave me comfort in a time where I had some serious orthodontic discomfort (namely, adult braces).
The space needle!
Apple dumplings! Okay, so Seattle isn't famous for apple dumplings or anything but us being country bumpkins thought they were so we purchased it to taste. It was aitte.
The gorgeous Purple wine bar.

A lovely time had with lovely friends. :) Highly recommended to check out when in the city.
Of course, Pike Place Market: home of the flying fishes. When you order a fish, these burly fishing men would toss the fishes around to each other. Each person one tosses it to would perform a step in cutting, cleaning and wrapping it up until it is all ready for you to take home and devour.

Pretty. :) I like pretty things.
'Twas a lovely vacation and the last one I'll probably have for awhile. (I'm a working girl now.) While I'm on hiatus, why don't you check out my talented photojournalist bud's beautiful, The World Less Traveled blog. He should be an okay replacement for me for now, I guess (keke).

*Once again, the breathtaking pictures are courtesy of Helen Wong.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Love Art

cheap beer
amazing Californian weather
eye candy galore.