Sunday, December 28, 2008


Zhoi Gin, Hong Kong! This is not goodbye, just see ya later.

This semester abroad has definitely been a mixed bag of emotions. There were severe highs and outrageous lows. There were tragic tears but also unbelievable joys. But the best thing that I walked away from the last half year was learning. Learning from my mistakes, learning from my experiences, learning from what I saw, what I tried, who I met.

Here are some special folks that I want to shout out to. Those that have made my semester at Hong Kong so unbelievably memorable.

EAP Group

I've never really had a group before. Never felt the need to tie myself down with one group of friends. I've always been more of a nomad, a wanderer. But I have to say, I definitely had so much fun with these guys in Hong Kong this year. Partying, cheering eachother on at basketball games, 10PM sushi dinners, traveling. You guys were a barrel of laughs, a bucket of fun and a truckload of love. Thanks for all the good times guys! Let's hang out when we get backkkkk!! I better see you all on Bruinwalk!

As much as I loved hanging out with a group, my nomad tendencies still pluck at my heartstrings. These are some one on oners that I also enjoyed spending my time with.


Girlfriend, this is going to sound soooo cheesy but I knew since the first day that I saw you at R.C. Lee when I was moving in that we were going to be great friends. It was confirmed when we went out that first night and we made that special...revelation. There's no one else I like to go clubbing with better and no one else I like to chat until the wee hours of mornings with. You call me on my shit and I am so grateful for your no-nonsense New York honesty. I can't wait to visit you in the East Coast someday (soon) and you better come over to Cali! I just realized we never went traveling together. Put that on your to-do list, okay? Okay.


BF! Who would have known when we first met eachother at Jono's birthday dinner that we would end up exploring Hong Kong (and then some) together? Thanks for bursting my bubble on boys and helping me with everything, from spotting me 8 bucks to shopping with me to being my "Russell." You know way too much about me so I need to stay on your good side! Or else I'm afraid all our mutual friends-and boy, do we have a lot of mutual friends-will probably get an earful of humiliating Janice stories. Team Dynasty FTW!


Oh my twinsie. You've been such a blast to get to know this semester. Who knew I would find my other half in a Caucasian girl from Sheboygan? I'm so sad we didn't get a chance to say a proper farewell but I'll definitely be seeing you around ol' City of Industry soon right? I mean, we lived through Thailand together! We can make it through America!  I hope you're having a blast with your family and friends back home. 30 Rock update soon!


Oh girly, class with you has been so fun this semester. Hopefully, we'll have more! I loved scarf shopping with you and talking about the sweet life in Switzerland. I know we'll have more of these moments back in LA and I can't wait.

Jeff and Jenn

Oh you two.  I've never shared more laughs or developed more insights to the world and the people living in it than when I'm with you two.  You're both always down for anything and everything, not like some party poopers that we know (speaking of poopers.....)  I love our laughs and our goofy dorkiness.  BRUINWALK REUNION PLEASE!

The Family

One of the main reasons I chose to stay in Hong Kong this semester was so I could spend more time with my cousins, Cissy and Irene.  As usual, you gals were the most gracious hostesses and provided me with everything I could ever hope for and more.  I hope you had as much fun being entertained by my awkward, clumsy, general Janice-ness as I was with your amazing Wang sister beauty, presence, charm and success.  I love you guys and can't wait until we next see each other!

I'll probably be staying put around LA for the next couple of months but that doesn't mean I won't be updating! (After all, a trip to Vegas is still traveling, right?) And also, be prepared for another blog I'm brewing up soon...

Christmas 2008

'Tis the season to be jolly!

Christmas Eve this year was a tad bit different, more high class, more glamorous, more glitzy. We dined at the elusive H-1 Italian restaurant.

My family loves pictures. We love it even more when we're all decked out and in a pretty place.

After dinner, we sang our hearts out. It wasn't really Christmas carols but it'll do.

Morning after, we all woke up extra early to open presents!!! Despite the current state of the economy, we still managed to make the Christmas tree look cheery and bright.

Jasmine's been a good girl this year. =)

And December 26th meant...BOXING DAY! AFTER-CHRISTMAS SALES!! Jessica and I dressed alike so we can spot each other out on the crowds. You bet we got called twins a lot.
Happy holidays everyone! I'll see you soon!

Family Matters

With pesky school out of the way, I was able to finally spend some quality time with the familia. My cousin Cissy's kids are growing up so fast! I remember it was just yesterday when she announced she was pregnant.

So much time has passed, so much has changed and yet...sometimes I feel like I haven't progressed as much as the kids. I mean, Jasmine can spell! She knows the entire Camp Rock by heart and can perform it with the right dance moves, facial expressions and everything! What have I accomplished over the past four years?

I love my family. We're a crazy bunch but close as heck. When I'm with them, I get fully absorbed into their world, which is why I've been MIA so often with my school friends at HKU. If I had the time (or enough drive), I would so write a sitcom based on my family. And you would so watch it.

Janice's Untitled Sitcom Project (let's call it The Family for now)

The thinking baby would act as the narrator, voicing the ongoings of the family in his gentle yet objective point of view.

The Family does normal everyday things! Like bake gingerbread men!

Of course half the gingerbread ends up burnt. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

Baby makes cute funny faces! Hilarity ensues!

The Family has photogenic Faces! Great for placing on billboards and in magazine ads.

The Family does impersonation of Sarah Palin! Cheaper version of Tina Fey!
The Family is dysfunctional. But cute.

The Family does normal things! Like go on their Apple laptops...which every single member of The Family owns. Every single one.

I love The Family. Coming soon to a television set near you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Flung the Fling

This entry was going to come sooner or later.  

At first, I thought it was going to be one on how I can't do flings because I'm the type of girl that falls too hard, too fast and is more cautious when treading relationship waters.  I'm more of an all-talk, less action sort of gal.  Sure, I'll squeal about marrying this boy or gush over how cute that one is but I don't actually do anything about it!  

I had been planning on writing an entry on overseas romance.  But only from a bystander's point of view because it was not something I had actually personally experienced.  Sure, there were a couple of kisses, numbers, and texts exchanged but everything was fleeting.  I was too busy traveling, taking pictures, playing with friends, exploring, meeting new people for anything more!

It's a romantic concept.  While abroad, you're alone in this new world, away from your closest family and friends.  You meet a beautiful stranger and you two only have a limited time together.  How can one not succumb to finding a love while studying abroad?  All those love stories must have some legs behind them.

I've had many a friends fallen into this spell while abroad.  Some came home with new lovers.  Some left their old ones for a foreign fling.  Some married.  Some broke up.  I'm sure everyone has stories.

But not me.  I never did.  I don't do flings.  I'm not a fling sort of girl.  

Until three weeks ago. 

I fell.  I fell hard and fast.  Our beginning came straight out of a Korean drama (except, you know, neither he nor I were Korean.)  For those first couple of weeks, I was living out a fairy tale.  So long I have been kissing frogs, have I finally found my prince?  

Then I realized that I'm not a princess. (Not yet, anyway) and we live in the 21st century Hong Kong, not Neverland.  

He did everything right... and if I were a girl ready to find "The One," I would have been done and over with.  But I wasn't and the "thing" became a "fling" which resulted in me finding out that I can't do flings.  I have much better things to do with my time. (Like HIMYM waiting for me to watch)

The experience was terribly fun, I must say.  I have plenty of stories now! (And you know me, I love stories)  I wouldn't take back anything that happened because after all, everything happens for a reason, right?  And at least I got a guy to play piano and serenade me out of it. (Just practice for my married life with Wang Lee Hom, I guess)

I'm so glad I didn't put him before Him. be young and in love...what a wonderful feeling! But to be young and aware of the world and living each moment by being most true to yourself and learning and growing from every experience, even better.

P.S. It's amazing that a single song, (Taylor Swift's "Love Story") can symbolize an entire relationship from beginning to end.
*edit: scratch that.  Swift's "Forever and Always" has replaced "Love Story."  Actually, Taylor Swift's entire album is super rockin'.  I wonder, can you be a Chinese Californian country singer? (Time to start considering future career choices...)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Gettin' Hot in Hurr...

How can a simple boiling pot of vegetables, meats and fish balls taste so divine?


HK hot pot has this assortment of sauces and spices that tickles the taste buds to no end.

Look at all these hungry hands digging in!

Yes, we were full to the max after it all...

But we still made room for birthday cake!  Happy Birthday Laura!
I don't normally like hot pot but ever since I had this a week ago, I can't seem to get it out of my mind... I'm definitely taking mama here!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wanna Get Away?

In the midst of studying for finals, writing papers and preparing presentations, some friends and I found a little time to visit Cheung Chau Island for a morning.  Having been stuck in the city for so many months, it's a much needed study break.

We first boarded a ship and sailed with produce and meet...

...definitely not a usual traveling companion.  But rocking by the dock and catching the Hong Kong skyline from a distance was a welcomed sight.

Once we arrived, we borrowed some bikes (only 20HKD for an entire afternoon!) and explored the little fishing village/island.

The vibe of Cheung Chau is definitely a lot more different than Hong Kong island.  Since it is mostly a fishing village, seafood filled the streets...

...finally ending up on our plates

We ordered twelve mostly seafood dishes and 12 bowls of rice for only $538HKD. (that's less than $5USD per person)  Food in America will never taste the same again.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank God in Facebook.

This little cyber-wonder has been such an integral part of my college career. It's been my procrastinator, my story-teller, my ad machine, my stalker device, my keeper-in-toucher, my network.  There's been times where I'd hate the thing and just want to deactivate and live a completely Facebook-free life.  But then I think about how bored I'd be, how many events, news, gossip I would miss and I get sucked right back in.  It's not a bad thing as long as it's taken in moderate doses.  And once I graduate, I'll eventually wean off of it, right? (So why do my cousins still check it first thing in the morning??!)

One of the best things about Facebook is that it is the ultimate invitation.  Got a party?  Notify everyone on your friends list and viola, you got yourself a party.  Events, meetings, even brainstorming sessions have been done via Facebook.

Which was how we got to ice-skating.

I sent a Facebook message out asking people to... watch a movie.  Somehow, we college students with A.D.D. changed the subject which eventually led to ice skating.  So off we went on Friday night to Elements to ice skate!

Elements is one of the newest fabulous shopping malls that caters to Hong Kong's rich and famous.  But one of their food courts and their skating rink fit within our budgets and made for a delightful Friday evening of burgers and skating on ice.

Now, if only I actually knew how to ice skate.  Or to even roller skate for that matter.  For some reason, in my happy childhood, somehow anything on skates or wheels skidded blissfully by.  I do know how to ride a mean bike so that's some consolation but hobbling around on ice skates when you're 21 and there's 8 year olds whizzing by you in the rink, it can be somewhat of a stressful thing.

I had fun though.  With my delightful teachers Alice and Xixi and Luis and Jesse and Janice and whomever else that had the courage to hold my hand, I was able to stand by myself on the ice, walk a little on the ice and even skate alittle .  I feel accomplished!

I love the holidays.  I love the chunky scarves and long coats. I love the lights and the Christmas cheer. I love the families, the smiles and the long-standing traditions.  We had also intended to have a little holiday photo-taking session that day but when you're traveling with 20 people, it gets kinda hard to move around.  But trust that we'll be saving that for next time!

The next morning, I awoke with my whole body sore from tensing up on the ice but this little pain was worth it for all the fun and love I had that night.  All the more reason I'll miss Hong Kong!