Thursday, February 10, 2011

Northern Bound

I took a trip up to Northern California not-so-recently. Needed to scratch a traveling itch (and do some work) so I landed in San Francisco and Emeryville for a bit (San Jose to come later).

In typical Norcal fashion, 'twas gloomy but it surprisingly didn't rain that much while I was up there-- a few sprinkles here and there.

I ate some tasty local favorites...
These here are vegan donuts whose shop is run by some of the nicest tattoo-ed, earring-ed-out hippies I've ever laid eyes on. He even gave us free soy milk! (I know, I'm easy to please).

Yummy big breakfast.
Best part of the trip was the company I kept. Old friends from the north meant lots and lots of catching up to do!

Special thanks to homies JLo and Dat Bui for housing me, feeding me, babysitting me, tour-guiding me.

Up next: San Jose with KelBanh!