Monday, June 14, 2010


When I was younger, my parents used to come to downtown Los Angeles every Monday to pick up supplies for their shop. I would tag along, fall asleep during the long drive from the suburbs, fill my heart heavy with sympathy pangs as I awoke to find the homeless sleeping on every corner, make nice with the shopkeepers my parents buy supplies from and sleep again on the drive home.

This was before I knew how ginormous and diverse and varied Los Angeles actually is. This was before I chilled out by the soothing beaches of Santa Monica for four years during my stint as a Bruin. This was before I was lured into the seductive, and at times dangerous, dark cove of Hollywood and KTown in the PM. This was before I found the overly-glamorized borough of Beverly Hills to just be stuffy and boring (and overpriced).

So, you can say Downtown and I go way back. I fell in love with the whimsical architecture of the Walt Disney concert hall, the cultural hub of Little Tokyo, Even all the times I have to spend hours twisting and turning my way through the one-way streets, I just shrug my head and smile, "oh Downtown." (Just kidding, I wish I had such a positive attitude about Downtown's roads and parking.)
Here are some shots from recent jaunts through Downtown.

The view atop a gorgeous loft that overlooks the train tracks.

Attended an art walk one Saturday. This was a legit one where the artists who live in the artsy warehouses and lofts opened up their artsy space to let not-so-artsy folks meander through their artsy living rooms and artsy kitchens checking out their artsy art.

I didn't take many pictures of the artsy arts but we did have a lot of fun with this tetris-like lighting wall in which your dark shadows are sensed to stop the blocks from falling. Muy cool!

The cousin came round town for a visit so we decided to spend an afternoon in the Olvera Street/Union Station/Little Tokyo/Chinatown (my turf!) part of the town.
These flowers are called Jacarandas.

We noshed on blissful macarons from lovely (the second most popular restaurant in Downtown according to my well-informed friend, Jess!) Bottega Louie...
Took pictures...

And twirled about the streets...


I will be heading to the homeland for the summer. Be expecting (hopefully) regular updates as the hijinks of the 2010 LA Chinatown court gets documented in all its glory! Until then, cheers to more LA adventures!