Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Norcal Pt. 2: San Jose

After stopping by one part of Northern California, I made my way by train to another--San Jose, to be exact.
San Jose, woot woot! Though many of my close friends and former roommates were from this part of town, I've actually never been to San Jose before.

Luckily, I had with me, a most marvelous tour guide, the one and only Kel Banh! I tell you, people lucky enough to be in Kelly's presence, this woman is the best date-planner ever!

When I arrived, our first stop was to The Tech Museum. We unleashed our inner-geeks (which aren't really deeply-hidden) and checked out the many wonders and terrifics the museum had to offer.

This computer drew our face! Amazeballs AND a free souvenir! Can't beat that.

You just knew I had to take a picture of a double helix made out of books. (Though Kelly probably took this one. Note the awesome lighting?)

Being from UCLA's north campus, this freaks the hell out of us.

You can't see it that clearly but the blocks spell "kel & jan forever." Creepy, we know.

Then, Kelly took me jumping!

A great source of endorphins, people.

Of course, no trip to one's hometown would be complete with a jumbo meal.

In this case, a big bowl of some-vietnamese-noodle-that-is-not-pho-but-just-as-yummy!

Much love was had in the cold cold San Jose with this dear one. I really hope to go back soon. Soon! (And update this blog sooner as well. Sheesh, can't believe we're hitting April already!)