Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh my pretty little blog, how I've missed updating on you!

The economy's been kind of a bummer lately and I am trying hard not to indulge myself by going on trips and journeys.  That means no Vegas trips (unless all expense-paid), no NYC visits (on again, all expense-paid. Any takers?), no spontaneous jaunts to Mexico (I'm still waiting on that all expense-paid) for awhile.  

But I'll have plenty to keep me busy.  One of them is this new blog that I've started called "Media Maid."  You can visit it at  I haven't gotten very far with it but hopefully, I'll be updating more regularly in the near future.  This new blog will probably chronicle me as I navigate my way through the media world, whether it's hanging out with Al Pacino (you know, Michael Corleone) for the afternoon or just flipping through the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.  We'll see how this goes!

Once again, thanks for reading, readers. I've cherished every verbal and typed comments I've received about this blog but the more comments the better! It's always great to hear feedback because that's what helps me as a writer and blogger.

I suppose I shall leave you with a very beautiful picture reflecting on California's unusually sunny outlook to these otherwise gloomy economic times.

Photo taken by dear Clark.  Snazzy, wouldn't you say?