Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yea, We Hit That

That being the LA County Fair.
Thanks to KKuo's keen fiscal ways, we were able to score ourselves a night out on the town courtesy of some super-saving tickets purchased with a coupon from Von's.

We got our game on trying to toss a ring around the duckies. FAIL.
We devoured a juxtaposical frozen deep-fried banana. WIN.
We posed for silly pictures (KKuo wasn't really posing)

Highlight of the evening would definitely have to be riding Speed, the scariest roller coaster I have ever been on! And as a roller coaster connoisseur, I've gone through my share of loops and drops. We didn't get a picture on the ride since, well, the camera probably would have whipped off my face, smashed on the ground and broken into a million pieces but this shot of us in front of the ride will have to suffice.
Fairs are fun in all their hokey animal petting, fried-food eating, shaky ride riding ways. But they're definitely a semblance of summer and now that winter time has come, I'm ready to embrace all that the cold weather (which I looove) has to offer! Bring it!