Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Matters

With pesky school out of the way, I was able to finally spend some quality time with the familia. My cousin Cissy's kids are growing up so fast! I remember it was just yesterday when she announced she was pregnant.

So much time has passed, so much has changed and yet...sometimes I feel like I haven't progressed as much as the kids. I mean, Jasmine can spell! She knows the entire Camp Rock by heart and can perform it with the right dance moves, facial expressions and everything! What have I accomplished over the past four years?

I love my family. We're a crazy bunch but close as heck. When I'm with them, I get fully absorbed into their world, which is why I've been MIA so often with my school friends at HKU. If I had the time (or enough drive), I would so write a sitcom based on my family. And you would so watch it.

Janice's Untitled Sitcom Project (let's call it The Family for now)

The thinking baby would act as the narrator, voicing the ongoings of the family in his gentle yet objective point of view.

The Family does normal everyday things! Like bake gingerbread men!

Of course half the gingerbread ends up burnt. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

Baby makes cute funny faces! Hilarity ensues!

The Family has photogenic Faces! Great for placing on billboards and in magazine ads.

The Family does impersonation of Sarah Palin! Cheaper version of Tina Fey!
The Family is dysfunctional. But cute.

The Family does normal things! Like go on their Apple laptops...which every single member of The Family owns. Every single one.

I love The Family. Coming soon to a television set near you.

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