Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ocean Park

My dream date is to spend a day at Disneyland.

Yet, in my twenty one years of life, I have yet to do that. There was the boy that was planning on asking me to be his girlfriend at Disneyland underneath the fireworks but I broke up with him a week before he could do it. There was the boy who promised to take me to Disneyland but broke up with me before he would do it. There was the boy who was too sick to even ride passenger seat in a car, let alone handle Disneyland's Spinning Tea-cups.

So, I did the next best thing.

I went to Ocean Park with a significant other (but not The significant other) and had a beautifully swell Sunday afternoon.

With Annie's student pass and my cousin's maid's SmartPass (I had a dark enough complexion to look like Lynn from the Philippines), we were able to get in free of charge. Kind of like being treated on a date, if you think about it!

We rode the two big kid rides first, a roller coaster and a water rafting one. After being sufficiently pumped and running into my cousin, who just stopped by to...grab a bite to eat with her daughter and then drive back...we headed off to the Headlands rides. This portion of Ocean Park resembles Santa Monica Pier, complete with ferris wheel and everything.

We jived there the rest of the afternoon, conversing about boys and musing about how romantic this date would have been if we were both lesbians. Sigh...if only.

Wouldn't we make such an attractive couple? Her with her New York sophistication and me with my...Californian tourism?

I really shouldn't joke about my sexual orientation. As much as I am for gay rights, (Down with Prop 8!) I get mistaken enough for a lesbian as it is. Wouldn't want to put off potential suitors now, would we?

I know one of these days, my Disneyland fantasy will be fulfilled.  Prince Charming, I'm waiting for you!

Ok, so moving on, Christmas is coming up! I may possibly be spending the holidays with my family (ma, pa, sis and all) so I'm really, really excited! Plus, Hong Kong really gets into the Christmas spirit and I've already been asked to sing carols for my halls. Yippy! I've always wanted to sing carols!

*Edit: I did end up going to Disneyland with someone who, at the time, was considered special. It was aitte.

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Anonymous said...

your photos are awesome!

and why are you being mistaken for a lesbo?!

and i just saw your comment; hahaha you're right i nvr see the replies you leave!!!