Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It first started because of my roommates.
Two of them were excessive bakers. Feeling guilty because I was of no help (except to help them eat), I decided to photograph their edible pursuits. Taking pictures of the deliciouness seemed to have made them last longer and sharing them on Facebook and my blog seemed to have allowed more people to enjoy them (even though most of my viewers seem to hate me for spreading such beauty into the world. I often received comments like,"Ughhhh why did you post this after I just went to the gym?" and "Now I'm hungry, you suck.")

Now I can't seem to stop. No longer are my past roommates baking (at least not for me) but I am still clicking away.

The New York Times wrote a really on-the-spot article about this obsession and burgeoning trend.
Be expecting lots and lots of food pictures as I chomp my way through The Big Apple this weekend!


SinoSoul said...

did you read this piece from LA Times? ? How annoying does it all look? I feel ridiculous 50% of the time, embarrassed the other 25%, and straight up disgusted by myself the final 25%

Takes a lot of the fun in actual "eating" away...

Unknown said...

Oh man. Food blogs are my obsession!! please blog about food... :D i think that would be GREAT!!! fooood yum. hahahaha no joke. i spend hours at night looking at food blogs.then going into the kitchen to grab a quick snack! :D i miss you. have fun in ny!

Anonymous said...