Saturday, October 2, 2010


Have you ever gone somewhere and just realized you were...home? You feel an immediate sense of belonging, of fitting in, of comfort.

That's kind of like what Shanghai is for me. Having been brought up by my mom's mom, my Abu, I grew up listening to stories of Shanghai and soaking in the customs of the city while I'm at home, whether it's having a constant craving for eating my rice soaked in soup or being accustomed to making every conversation, whether you're talking about the weather or sharing stories about your kids, sound like a shouting match.

By day we did a lot of city sightseeing and checked out the Expo.

By night we partied like a rockstar. Okay, not really but we danced some and sang some and drank some and chatted some.

Out of the court, three of us are Shanghainese. We had oodles of fun practicing our Shanghainese, eating our Shanghainese food and taking our Shanghainese pictures. (Ok, so all asians pose like this)

The city is so pretty we just had to get pretty ourselves and get all Carrie Bradshaw and co.

Even though we actually really look like this most of the time...
Shanghai, I will be back to conquer you! I will!


Unknown said...

haahahahah yes! shanghai! :D cute will go conquer it! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Shanghai is comforting at times, plus the weather is cooler than HK!

- Rolo

Jani said...

Love it!! Can't wait to see you take over shanghai by storm :D