Friday, October 28, 2011


After all that walking and more walking around Vancouver, we needed something to fill our bellies.

Luckily, Vancouver is chalk full of great places to dine at.

Unluckily, my aunt really wanted to cook for her daughter that she hadn't seen in half a year and half our meals were eaten at home.

Luckily, they say that having 5 meals a day is healthier for you (what?).

I didn't know what all the fuss was but there were plenty of these Japadog stands around Dowtown Vancouver.
I think the novelty lies in the Asian-Western fusion as well as the generous dollops of Japanese mayonaise served on top of these babies.

Average dog: $5 each

I freakin' love raw oysters. I could slurp these babies up everyday. I was adamant about trying Vancouver's well-known amazing seafood and oysters were at the top of that list.

So after a full dinner at home, my cousin and I treaded out to try some of Rodney's Oysters. I love the ambiance of the restaurant-- something that looks like a house in the Hampton. (And I know what those look like because I've been watching Revenge obsessively.)

Average oysters: $1.95 a piece.
Average wine: $9 a glass.

Public MarketIf only all supermarkets looked like this one, I would go grocery shopping more often. (Ah..who am I kidding, I still wouldn't.)

But I did enjoy looking at all the fresh produce!

Gahhh... blueberries!

Mini-looking grapes!

This is called "Indian Candy" and it's basically smoked salmon jerky.

Saving the best for last, I finally got to taste the amazingness that is poutine--which is everything I most love rolled into one. A dish of french fries and fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy or sauce.

I loved it so much I recorded my first time trying it.

Praise the Lord for giving us the senses to enjoy food and to try different types of food and the joy of eating with good company.


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do....a FOOD BLOG, rather than a travel blog ;) do it!!! awwww miss u all!