Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome, Jessica Jann!

Did you think that I wasn't going to blog once I got back to the States?  Yea, ain't gonna happen baby. I've got too many pictures and stories to share.

My sister finally joined our family vacation! 

In case you have not noticed that the ever-lovely Jessica Jann had been missing from all my past posts, it's because she was actually back in LA, going on some auditions, trying to be the superstar that I know she will be in the near future. But my little ray of sunshine is here and our family dynamic is all balanced out again.

I'm so glad because I was getting to hate being the only child. I don't know how you only childs do it. You know, have all that attention (good and bad, mostly bad in my family) lavished on you. Your every move, every word is scrutinized and then criticized. It was getting to be real bad.  

Now that Jess is around, I finally have someone to pose with for embarrassing (but necessarily because it is under the decree of Mother Superior) photos.

Someone who'll be willing to pose for embarrassing photos all by herself!

Someone to try delicious taiwanese cuisine with...

Someone to share a bed with and chit chat into the middle of the night. Just kidding. We knock out every time we hit the sack.

And someone who keeps hogging my laptop for internet! (This was taken mere hours after her arrival and she's already at it.)

Next post: Gao Xiong!

**edit:  GaoXiong is actually spelled Kaohsiung. Thanks Steven.  Gosh. Worst way to spell a word EVER. Does not sound like the mandarin pronunciation at all (pronounced Gao Shiong).  Perhaps it's the taiwanese pronunciation of it?


svenma said...

you've betrayed the taiwanese heritage! haha. u spelled kaohsiung all funny T_T

while youre there, there is a place all a po's ice shop. Its a bit north of the actual city but they make the best ice related desserts. i had the mango one last time and my god it makes u really appreciate the amazingness of taiwan's fruits.

make sure to hit up the high end places too there is this department store (not han shin) with an amazing teppanyaki resturant on the 43 floor.

oh and eat the fries at the night market. there is this franchise called "potatoe uncle" its made to order and they have like 10 different seasonings for your fries.

Anonymous said...

Damn, this is crazy!

JAja, having just recently gotten back from Taiwan *ok well it was in January* but still. It's a trip to see these sites/things.

I got so spoiled while I was there, like I would literally go to Taipei 101 like everyday on my bike just because it was like a nice and easy 15 minute bike ride and once there I could get yummy free food ^_^

But yea I wish I had had my digital camera then =(

Oh well.


Note on Taiwanese Pinyin is kinda funny I could teach a whole class on that, lol.

Basically for the Taiwanese dialect of Chinese *Fukien break off* there really is no pinyin, I was taught to use this weird system for it, but it honestly isn't helpful. That mixed with the history of bad Chinese pinyinizations and such with the politics of Taiwan/China should give you an idea of why things are spelled different.

But chyea.

Good times.

Charles Rinehart said...

Hello Janice. I found you and Jessica by accident on YouTube, and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed this blog very much. Both of you are very beautiful, and I wish you much success in your endeavors. Take care.