Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National Palace Museum


Who says that Americans are the only ones following the "bigger is better" rule of thought?  Well, to whomever said it, you should check out the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.  It the grand hotel, yet another big fat baby of a building.

Upon entering, I was super-excited to check it out, picking up brochures left and right.  Noting, "Ooh books on first floor! I love books!"
Then, I hit the second floor and though one can never get enough of china plates and bronze bowls-please disregard the sarcasm- one actually can.  And the legs started to ache.  And it didn't help that I wasn't allowed to snap pictures of the art/antiques.  
I did it anyway cause I'm a rebel like that but it was just that every time I clicked, other museum patrons would stare at me like I was stupid and couldn't read signs. Actually, I didn't even have to know how to read.  Posted everywhere around the museum were pictures of a camera with a bold red "x" crossed through it.

Finally, by the time we struggled up to third floor, my parents and I were pooped.  We stopped and just sat, staring at blank walls every couple of minutes.  We started skipping galleries. It was pitiful.  Which was a shame, cause this level was actually the most exciting one.  Our interests did start to perk up when we hit the jade gallery.  Two of the most famous works being that of a sculpted cabbage and a sculpted piece of meat.  
*Note: I couldn't get a shot of the cabbage because way too many people were crowded around it and I got nervous (hence shaky) when I took a picture of the meat.

You gotta love a country that worships even rocks shaped into the likeness of food.  Yum!

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