Monday, June 16, 2008


At long last, after slaving over books and finals and essays and projects, we are free from the burden of school.  By we, I am talking about Apt. 1, aka the Pink Girls, aka my roommates for the past year.  

Since last June, Kelly, Cindy and finally, Dorothy in September, have been with me through the good times and the bad, the tummyaches and the gym workouts, the baked goods and the Korean food cravings, the smack talk and the praises.

But alas, these good and bad times have now come to an end because we are almost done packing up and moving out to separate summers in lands far, far away.  This is starting to sound like something out of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."  Let's see what our heroines are up to, yes?

City gal Cindy will be traversing through the Chilean jungles, trying her hand at all sorts of great outdoor adventures like zip-lining (seen below).

Dorothy will be indulging in her inner fob-ness by scavenging through Taiwan to find all things Hello Kitty. Cheers to finding more Kittys to add to your collection!

and the always cultured Kelly Banh will be flirting away on the streets of Paris (and other European cities) with her dream man. Bring on the chocolate!

And as for me? Well, you'll be seeing my pictures pretty soon... only 5 more days!!


kelio banh said...

I see the color of my dream man. Everything is right with the world. (my vote on best-written blog post by you goes to this one! cherry on top because i'm in it!)

Anonymous said...

check this out! they're practically giving away hello kitty tote bags!

Unknown said...

hahah so cute!! i'm going to miss you roomie =( have fun in switzerland!! be safe, love you!

alittleluuny said...

oh crap, i used my craigslist alias (christina lee). haha

Anonymous said...

omg i love your photoshop skills! this is hilarious!! and i have to agree with kelly, this is your best written blog post!
HAHAHAHAHAHA the man next to kelly...

and AHAHAHAHAHA to the previous comment; i was just like who's christina?! you don't have a roommate named christina!

kelio banh said...

BAAAAhaha. For a moment there, I was dumbfounded too. Thought your birthmomma left you a comment. I remember you telling me she was internet saavy.