Monday, August 25, 2008

Destination: Hong KOng!

As of 2 o' clock this evening, I will be boarding the red eye headed for the bustling, shiny city of Hong Kong, my home for the next four months.  

Packing was a tricky feat as I will be enduring three seasonal changes during my time there. I mostly brought along light, layery things for clothing as I know I will be dropping some major bills in the fabulous shopping districts of Hong Kong.  The rest of my luggage consists of things for my cousins and school supplies.  

School!  I can't believe I'm going to school there for a whole semester!  I know the most educational things I'll be learning will be about myself and my place in the world but hopefully the stapler and erasers I've packed along will come-at least a little-in handy.  

I'm going to miss all my friends back home but I know you all have your own lives to live.  Before you know it, I'll be back in a jiff! (Hopefully not too soon though).  

California, thanks for the heat, the bad traffic, the Hollywood false glamour, the In N Out burgers, the it's time for something just a little bit different.


Dr. BreadClock said...

i'll miss you the most!

cleofaye said...

oooh i cant wait to read about your adventures!