Friday, August 29, 2008

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words...

So here is one detailing my lovely new home in Hong Kong University.  

It's not so bad. I'm actually having a very pleasant time here!  I've just been getting paperwork ready, buying knicknacks to spruce up my dorm and meeting people everywhere.  The humid weather is mighty difficult to adjust to but I've solved that problem just by not showering. (Don't tell my new friends.)  

I love Hong Kong's transportation system! I love being able to go everywhere at my own free will. I love practicing my mandarin and (limited) Cantonese! I love seeing my cousin's beautiful face!  I love not having to cook!

I went shopping yesterday and dropped some major dough via my brand-spankin'-new Canon G9 digital camera!  
This camera has a very vintage, old-school vibe about it but is actually top of the line and super awesome. It has both automatic and manual features meaning I could take pictures like a tourist and like a semi-pro.  You'll be seeing more shots from me in the future. Until then!

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helen said...

AGHHH how exciting! can't wait to see and hear more! miss you! HAVE A BLAST

lovelovelove from home