Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Victoria's Not So Secret Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the most famous spots in all of Hong Kong. Situated at the top of Hong Kong Island hills, this spot is one to hit for romantic couples and a great view of the city.  Our group decided it would be a great place to jumpstart our stay in Hong Kong.  We braved an awkward bus ride....
bought ourselves some snazzy "Peak Tram Celebration Passes..."
And headed for the top of the peak where we were hit with a breathtaking view.
We found many a romantic couples strolling along on dates.
Whether it was their first date, last date, or just another date, there were so many couples that it stirred up some romance in some of our hearts... (Sorry Sepehr, you were good for Europe...)
We also began a round of potential Facebook profile pictures using my ULTRA-AMAZING new Canon G9! (BTW: I could not stop receiving compliments about my camera.  It's almost as if some people *ahem ahem* are only my friends because of my camera! Not that I mind, whatever works, right?)

Aaaand...Now for the "Gallery of Potential Facebook Profile Pics!"
"Eyyy! Look who's in Hong Kong!"

Sexy Seductive Model

Gross (haha, I feel like one of those girls in junior high who would take studio pictures and then write, "ew, I'm so gross" on the back.)

Trying to be all special by getting the only landscape shot! Wait, who am I kidding, she is special!

"Guai Lo" but really "Mexican lo" 

Jeff reminds me of  a dad here.

Sweetie Pie!~

Kindergarten smile

International student by day, child molester by night

Aaand...Now everyone together!

P.S. Europe was gorgeous for showcasing what Mother Nature has but sometimes, a little bit of lights on some building can be quite awe-strucking as well.  I hear HK also has a light show that goes on at 8PM every night! I missed it this time but I'm sure I'll be back. Maybe with my lover on a date? We'll see!!!

P.P.S. I just learned how to use "edit Html!"  No longer will I have to cut and paste each picture individually onto the spot I want anymore! YAHOO!

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