Monday, September 8, 2008

Kowloon/New Territory Tour

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed off on a tour of that "other" island of Hong Kong: Kowloon.  

Hong Kong is divided up into two sides; Hong Kong Island which is full of rich people, the finance center, and big city life.  The Kowloon side is full of bigger space, more average Joe's (I say average because Hong Kong overall is very well off) and cheap shops and eateries.  

Because Hong Kong University is located at Hong Kong Island, we went over to the other side to check out how they live.  
Our tour was conducted by this annoying and booooring tour guide who would turn the most fascinating stories into a snooze-fest.  It would be okay but she kept expecting us to pay complete attention to her (which was impossible because, SHE'S BORING) and when we didn't, she would call us out.  Lady, this is not class, this is not a lecture, we PAID for this tour. We'll talk if we want to! (Ok, that sounded mean but she really was mean and boring) 

First stop was at Yuen Po Street's local flower and bird market.  We got a taste of some pretty local flowers...

and then flew over to the array of colorful and noisy birds.

One even came home with me. I named him Oliver. Oliver MacArthur. =)
It then started to rain.  Fitting because the next stop was Wetlands museum, where we immersed ourselves in the scientific and national geographic of Hong Kong.

My final destination (I say "my" because even though the tour bus headed onto Tsim Sha Tsui, I left early to eat dinner with my family) brought us to the Wong Sai Tin Temple.  

It was a very beautiful and peaceful place but completely touristy.  Sigh...when I was in Europe, the churches and cathedrals there were also completely run over by tourists.  This place as well. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Overall, a very productive tour. I got to see a lot of the parts of Hong Kong that I had not seen before when I came two years ago.  I missed the next day one cause I slept in but no worries, Four months of discovering this place will leave me a pro in no time!

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