Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Macau: Go Big or Go Home

I guess we went home.  

After an astounding, unbelievably lucky stroke of winning round after round of "Sic Bo" (a die game where you basically bet on whether the dice will bee a large number or a small one), I came up so strong that I became cocky about my spot-on predictions that I dropped-and lost-$200 within 2 minutes.  Undeterred, the next day, I was determined to make back my money. That day never came but we did have a blast exploring Macau, the gambling capital of the world.  

losing all your money in a hotel called "Wynn" is no fun.

The Portuguese part of Macau

Chitchatting by the ruins of St. Paul, or rather, what's left of it (which is just a single wall)

We really loved the dancing dragons.

They always said imitation is the best form of flattery.


As much as I love Chinese food, the American girl in me was really craving some good ol' fashioned Western cuisine. And no, not the kind that Cafe De Corral tries to pass off nor the kind that McDonald's reliably shells out to millions of customers each day.  The Portuguese part of Macau (the part with the historical significance and lack of casinos) really brought it.  We dined at "Resturante Vela Latina" and walked away filling full-if not fighting with the pesky dwarf in our tummies-if you catch my drift. (And it's not a very fragrant one).

Janice and I were delighted to find CHEESE on our menu. WE LOVE CHEESE!

My most delicious African Spring chicken-a Portuguese specialty.  Sides include french fries and actual fresh vegetables?  HEAVEN...

Among the other dishes ordered included fried rice baked into a pineapple and amazing chicken/fish topped with cheese.  They even served their rice in the shape of a heart! What's not to love?

Good food, good company, good gambling...I can't believe I went to the Asia Las Vegas before I did the real one.  Anyone want to plan a *surprise* welcome back party for me in Sin City?  ;)

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