Friday, September 26, 2008

Temple Street

Hong Kong has shopping EVERYWHERE. No matter which corner you turn, which sites you visit, which MTR stop you get off at, there are shops galore.  

Temple street is the most well-known night market in this shopper's paradise so of course it was time to pay a visit and see if the place lived up to its title.  

We started the night off with a delicious seafoody meal in an outdoor restaurant.  
It was there that we enjoyed receiving live (still squirming!) seafood...
...turn into dead seafood...
...turn into food in our mouths.  Yum yum!

After came time to browse and bargain.  
In our case, it was to get yelled at by vendors.  For bargaining, for touching the merchandise, for breathing, for stopping at their stalls. We got yelled at for everything.  It was not a very pleasant shopping experience, I must say. Instead, we walked away with only a poster each to decorate our rooms.  How's that Titanic one working out for ya, Jenn?

We also caught street karaoke players crooning their hearts out to canto songs and fortune tellers lining the streets, eager to tell you what your hearts desire.

Or in my case, rather something my heart didn't desire to hear.  Basically, the tarot card reader we went and told my friend and I that we were going to be "bored and unhappy and miserable"(her exact words!)  for the next six months of my life because no matter how many guy friends I have, they will all not be the one for me.  If I flinged, they'd be flung.  As if!  I don't need a guy to be happy.  (Whoa, that sounded so "independent woman" there)  In fact, for the past couple of weeks, I've been proving her predictions wrong.  Fun and happiness can be had with or without your soul mate.

So that was Temple Street.  Not really worth the hype. Though I did thoroughly enjoy the companionship of Jeffrey and Jennifer.  Us three J's had a blast during dinnertime.  It was one of those goofy, heartfelt, genuine dinners where all three parties just really got along.  I don't think I had laughed so hard in such a long time.  Everyone else must have been so envious of the fun we were having or assumed we were drunk.  Cheers to more great dinners!

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