Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raymond Lam Concert

Look at this stud muffin here. Look at those thick eyebrows, that creamy skin, that sexy stare. What could be better than staring at this glorious creature as he croons and serenades, sweats and gyrates?

Well, it's better when you're very own sister is appearing in his concert!

We checked out the Hong Kong TVB star, Raymond Lam's "Come 2 Me" concert to support Jessica as she debuted as an entertainer for a performance. It was my second night supporting my kin. The first night, I checked it out with my dad and we had some nosebleed seats in the coldest part of the stadium. The second night, my cousin Irene scored up some sweet second row spots.

Before the concert, we had some fun with food...

And some more fun at the local arcade...
Where this cute little girl took home plenty of tickets...playing an old lady game (you know the one where you slide a coin in and you watch more coins waterfall down? That one.)
Then it was time to head into the nearly-packed stadium and support Jessica Jann!
But first, we had to sit through endless bouts of Raymond Lam prancing around and singing while staring at teleprompters. I'm sorry to tell you I am not a big fan of this guy. He kind of oozes douchiness.
Look at that self-righteous smirk.
My favorite part of the night (other than when Jessica appeared on screen, of course) was when Raymond Lam performed with 2004 Miss Hong Kong and actress, Kate Tsui. The girl is hotness. She was so "on" in her dance performance that the camera for the big screen rarely left her face. THAT is what we call stage presence ok, Mr. Smirky Man?
And then Jessica stomped onstage (Actually she was lifted on a bed with four other dancers)
During this sexy song, my sis had to vamp it up. Knowing how UNLIKE that she is in real life, I have to give her props for doing these things without looking uncomfortable or cracking up. 'Cause I know I would! (Well, maybe not if you were paying me and I knew a lot of people were watching.)

Congrats to my sis for her first concert performance! Cheers to many more! (And thanks for the fun times, Irene and Darryl.)


Meky said...

sigh...I already told you that it makes me sad to know that he is so douchey. =( I love(d) him and think he's super sexy. lol

BUTTT...Congrats Jessica! Maybe one day I'll get a chance to see you perform in real life! =D

Unknown said...

I LOL'ed when you said the thing about yu yu jie jie playing the old lady game! :D

and definitely agree on miss. hotness!! god, she is GOOD!

thanks for being my biggest supporter/fan. (even though its sort of an obligation/force ;)) heheeheh i love you jie.

and i miss you a lot! :D wish you were still here!


Anonymous said...

It had to be an onion ring shot for my first blog appearance...

=D It was a lot of fun. =)