Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three's Company (Most of the Time)

Since I don't have all the pictures ready for my stops in Shanghai and Shantou yet, I'm going to hold off on those updates until later and get to the longest leg of my trip: Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been written about plenty of times in this blog but each trip to this bustling concrete jungle always brings about different experiences. My big goal this time was really to hang out with my beloved sister and cousin. And I think I really succeeded! We saw each other ALL THE TIME! And by ALL THE TIME, I mean ALL. THE. TIME.

We ate a lot together...

Watched ALOT of movies together...

Practiced our smirks in the car a lot together...

Chilled at bars a bit together...

danced at clubs sometimes together... (yea, we really dance like a clump like that)

And take trips Macau together!

Alas, if only our comforting, amusing and insightful chats could all be documented here. But the thing is, some things are only meant to be kept in the family. :)

I love my precious family bonding time and I wish more cousins can bond with us next time!

But hanging out with my cousins wasn't all I did in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more!


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Visit Asia soon. =)

- Rolo

Unknown said...

awwwwww jie jie. i miss you :)

yes. we really did spend pretty much available minute together! :D

i love you, and no worries. cousin/sister time will be a plenty! winter here we come,(right now bonding time with dring and very nice!..we're conquering macau tomorrow. hehehe) and see you in what??? THREE WEEKS!

OH YES!! it is going down!! :) lets plan things to do ASAP!!

when i say "lets" i mean "you" HEHEHEE :D good luck with more!! :D ill be rooting for you all the way over here! :D and i got your back!!! im excited for you! loveee.