Friday, July 30, 2010

Ancient History

I feel like such a baby sometimes.

I am, here I am, complaining that I am sooo old at 23 years of age when this tree pictured below has been planted for over 5,000 years!

Talk about putting things into perspectives, huh?

China's extensive history never fails to bring me to awe. I come from a country that is only 234 years old. To be able to visit another one that has so much culture, traditions and ideals embedded only puts me in my place about how much I still don't know and how much I have yet to find out.

This is Luoyang. It was a previous capital of China before Beijing initiated a hostile takeover on its butt.
Luoyang's history is especially rich. We visited one of the oldest universities in the country (and the world) while here. But it is here at the Longmen Grottoes where, amidst all the intricate stone carvings, I can see the timelessness of man's creativity and craftsmanship.

The two carving figures' names we are mocking ever so enthusiastically are Hmm and Haww. You can tell who is who from the shape of their mouths. (Teehee, we Chinese sure do have a sense of humor.)

This is a giant Buddha. Pictures don't do it justice.

Thanks for a lovely visit, Luoyang! You are so not over the hill. You are the hill! (Do you get it, 'cause the grottoes are like hills... I'll just stop myself now.)


Anonymous said...

Those grotto statues are very cool. You're very fortunate.. history =D

- Rolo

Unknown said...

wow, these pictures look great! what a nice place to visit :D

hey rolo!