Monday, July 19, 2010

China Trip '10 Recap: Beijing: The Great Wall

That's the Great Wall. We were quite excited to climbing a portion of it. A smidgen. A little itty bit. Our goal was to reach that fortress at the top over there.

Umbrella in one hand, bottle of water in the other, I was set. I was ready. Let's go!

I did not anticipate being so out of shape (this is a girl who wakes up at 5AM to run some mornings!) but I caught slight heat stroke.

Sweet people started getting worried about me. They told me maybe I should sit it out while they continue up to that fortress. But I said, "NO WAY!" I don't half-ass things.

So I huffed and I puffed and I got myself up to that fortress along with the rest of my court.

I didn't have enough energy to do what shi fu (our Shaolin master on the trip) was doing

But we did get to stare and admire the beautiful view.

Then it was time to head down. One step at a time, down we go.

We were so exhausted afterwards but it wasn't something that ice cream and a massage didn't cure. :) Have you ever been to the Great Wall? What were your experiences like?


Unknown said...

the great wall! my gosh, you guys look like you had soooo much fun!! very jealous :)

justwangit said...

yes, i have! i remember it being just as hot as you described and kind of boring because it was with my parents haha. but your experience looked like fun! minus the heat stroke.

btw, i am SO EXCITED to see you wearing overalls! does this mean it's safe to pull mine out from my box labeled 1990's?? or is it only socially acceptable in china. please inform.