Friday, July 30, 2010

Eat It

I don't want to sound like a brat but I will.

Sometimes, I am just a little sick of fine dining.

As you roll your eyes, I am going to tell you that sometimes, three nights of abalone and shark fin soup can get a little tiring. Sometimes, you just don't want to have just swallowed the last morsel of your freshly carved Kobe beef only to have the waiter swoop right in and replace your plate with a cup of piping hot chicken broth. *Ho hum. Oh boo hoo me. I could show you all these gorgeous pictures Tom, or Chester, or Nebula took of these fancy 3-hour dinners and lunches but I'm not.

Instead, let me show you how to eat like a monk.

You take two large bowls.

And they come around with food to fill those two bowls.

Here is what we all got for lunch. A bun called a man toe, a bowl of soy milk, and a ton of savory vegetables topped with rice. Don't let this picture above fool you. That was a FULL meal. Jani and I failed and couldn't finish it. But Nebula and Carrie were iron women. Hear them roar!

So after that meal, I felt like I could eat cleaner all the time! I felt like I should make a nice break from my regular diet of meat... and oil... and...

Oh who am I kidding. The next day, this is what I resumed to eating.

And this.
And we ate until we looked like this. Aaaaaaaahhh...


Jani said...

HAHA so many delicious, and then unflattering, photos in a row. But good times, and good meals! LOL and i love your phonetic spelling of "man toe" - sounds so appetizing

Unknown said...

wowowow! :) ligther eating does sound nice...take the cereal away from me. my gosh. what is wrong with me! :(

hahahaha i liked this post! :D

Jenn Park said...

Oh Janice, you make me laugh. I must admit--that monk food looks pretty good! I love bread and soy milk and vegetables. Mmm!