Monday, June 23, 2008

Je Suis Ici!

Most college students spend summertime either summer schooling or traveling.  I've decided to have the best of both worlds (though I really don't see how you can call summer school "best") by enrolling myself in  UC Irvine's travel study program in the breathtaking Montreaux, Switzerland.  

The school is the Glion Institute of Higher Education and the forte is hospitality.  This means that our university is located at the top of a mountain overlooking a splendid lake in Montreaux and all our staff and project assistants (R.A.'s basically) specialize in serving us the finest traveling and schooling experience possible.  Not a shabby deal. 

Pictures do not do the view justice.  I cannot comprehend how students are able to study here, what with the enormous windows revealing Switzerland's finest landscapes.  

When we're not attending FOUR whole hours of class FOUR days a week (ridiculous, right?), we're off traversing through Glion and Montreaux (FYI: Glion is a town located on top of the city of Montreaux located in the country of Switzerland.)

It gets super hot and air conditioning is unheard of in Europe so to cool ourselves off, we run through public fountains.

Local shops and art also catch our fancy.

And, of course, there is the view.

After our excursion through the local hotspots, we dolled up for our Monday night formal dinner.  

A yummy, long meal later leads me to here; updating my travel blog at 12:34 Switzerland time when I have an 8am class in the morning.  I know I'm used to sleeping just 4-5 hours a day but I'm on vacation, dammit! I need my beauty sleep!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! i love reading your blog! =) keep the pictures coming! miss you!!

kelio banh said...
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kelio banh said...

fourth photograph from the top of this entry = amazing! You look beautiful, btw!