Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Flung the Fling

This entry was going to come sooner or later.  

At first, I thought it was going to be one on how I can't do flings because I'm the type of girl that falls too hard, too fast and is more cautious when treading relationship waters.  I'm more of an all-talk, less action sort of gal.  Sure, I'll squeal about marrying this boy or gush over how cute that one is but I don't actually do anything about it!  

I had been planning on writing an entry on overseas romance.  But only from a bystander's point of view because it was not something I had actually personally experienced.  Sure, there were a couple of kisses, numbers, and texts exchanged but everything was fleeting.  I was too busy traveling, taking pictures, playing with friends, exploring, meeting new people for anything more!

It's a romantic concept.  While abroad, you're alone in this new world, away from your closest family and friends.  You meet a beautiful stranger and you two only have a limited time together.  How can one not succumb to finding a love while studying abroad?  All those love stories must have some legs behind them.

I've had many a friends fallen into this spell while abroad.  Some came home with new lovers.  Some left their old ones for a foreign fling.  Some married.  Some broke up.  I'm sure everyone has stories.

But not me.  I never did.  I don't do flings.  I'm not a fling sort of girl.  

Until three weeks ago. 

I fell.  I fell hard and fast.  Our beginning came straight out of a Korean drama (except, you know, neither he nor I were Korean.)  For those first couple of weeks, I was living out a fairy tale.  So long I have been kissing frogs, have I finally found my prince?  

Then I realized that I'm not a princess. (Not yet, anyway) and we live in the 21st century Hong Kong, not Neverland.  

He did everything right... and if I were a girl ready to find "The One," I would have been done and over with.  But I wasn't and the "thing" became a "fling" which resulted in me finding out that I can't do flings.  I have much better things to do with my time. (Like HIMYM waiting for me to watch)

The experience was terribly fun, I must say.  I have plenty of stories now! (And you know me, I love stories)  I wouldn't take back anything that happened because after all, everything happens for a reason, right?  And at least I got a guy to play piano and serenade me out of it. (Just practice for my married life with Wang Lee Hom, I guess)

I'm so glad I didn't put him before Him.

Ahh...to be young and in love...what a wonderful feeling! But to be young and aware of the world and living each moment by being most true to yourself and learning and growing from every experience, even better.

P.S. It's amazing that a single song, (Taylor Swift's "Love Story") can symbolize an entire relationship from beginning to end.
*edit: scratch that.  Swift's "Forever and Always" has replaced "Love Story."  Actually, Taylor Swift's entire album is super rockin'.  I wonder, can you be a Chinese Californian country singer? (Time to start considering future career choices...)

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