Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Devil Buys Prada

Each year, I always try to top my past birthday presents for my mom. I remember when I went away one summer in high school and I forgot to call her on her birthday. OOOooOooOohh...never repeating that mistake.

This year, I not only interrupted her breakfast by calling at 7AM Cali time, but I also purchased the hot little number (seen above) at the first ever Prada store in the world at the fashion capital of the world of Milano, Italy. She had mentioned that she needed a party clutch. Hopefully, she'll like this one. And anyway, Prada never goes out of style. It just becomes vintage.
Hey, I think I deserve this touristy picture outside the first ever Prada store in the world. I paid enough for it!


Johnny said...

so. are you implying that you're the devil? >=)

catmanabat said...

that purse is fierce. you're a good daughter. i should take notes.

Anonymous said...

wow, looks great! nice picture and hopefully mom will love it!