Thursday, July 3, 2008

Note to self:

-Whenever you go underwater, your ears will get plugged, leading to days of deafness and an unbearable crankiness will be launched upon the poor, unsuspecting citizens of your surrounding area.

-When you go through days without sleep, you will catch a cold and possibly endure splitting migraine headaches.

-Facebook is a fun shenanigan to play with but you should not spend your time in front of your laptop when you have beautiful Switzerland waiting for you to explore.

-When you sit on your camera, it will break the LCD screen.

I hope I learn my lessons.  It's no fun being deaf, sick, unproductive and without a camera. =(


helen said...

JANICE JANN! SO SAD WE DID NOT SEE YOU! but we'll be in lucerne july 5-6. the 6th is a sunday! will you be there? is it less than an hour away from montreaux? your adventures look amazinggg! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU hope we get to see you! let me know!

g0odg127 said...

happy jamboreee man! you do have the beautiful switzermajigger in front of you and i hope your taking full advantage of the clean air and water and good service (is that all true?) i never knew what the gosh darn place looked like but you have opened my eyes to all its cheese and glory! hows the night life down there? and the eap peeps (or peaps, you might say HAH!) any hot bunned locals? do they speak english? i hope you are having a blasty! keep me posted! maybe i should have sent this on fb lol. don't worry about sitting in front of the computer, you cant be doing awesome things all the time like i am. not. lol. the US misses you, i miss you and i hope you run into my roommate on that side of the atlantic! (its completely different from seeing them on this side. everyone just looks better over there, don't ask me why.) lol. take care!