Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Icy water melts my heart

I have never been one for outdoor excursions.  My idea of a great vacation used to entail air-conditioned spaces, a nice hotel room, good food, and good shops.  I used to joke that I was allergic to the sun because if I ever stayed out too long, I would start sneezing uncontrollably until my face became a cherry-tomato-ed mess.  Then I found out that it was no joke, I actually am allergic to the sun! 

I'm also not a very athletic gal.  My forte is being the cheerleader of the team and my contribution to victory is supplied by my pep and energy and good team spirit, not my bumbling two left feet, lack of balance and strength, blind near-sightedness, and flailing, uncoordinated limbs.

But I do love a good adventure.  And I've always wanted to try white water rafting.  So we assembled a brave team of soldiers and off we went to tackle the treacherously icy glacier rivers of Chamonix, France.  

It was everyone's first time but we signed up for an intermediate level ride anyway, where the water's flows a little more ferociously. We learnt to paddle hard really quickly. Sometimes we soared.
And sometimes we sunk.
but we always had fun.
I lucked out for photo opportunities when I volunteered to sit at the front.  Here I am hard at work.
It was a really hot day (so naturally my allergies flared up and I couldn't stop sneezing. It got so bad that Jean-Michelle, our instructor asked me, "why are you crying? Are you scared?" before set afloat.) but the water was frrrrrreeeeeezing cold.  And we were forced out of the comfort of our yellow raft several times to learn how to properly fall out of the raft, what to do when you fall over and have to swim down, etc. etc.  My brain is shivering just remembering that icy coldness.

It was worth it though.  All 48 euros that I paid for the excursion was worth it. 

Next adventure to try; paragliding!  Anyone interested in joining me?


Johnny said...

way to rub it in my face. i wanna paraglide. and white water raft. boo.

Anonymous said...

WOW! looks like you are doing a lot of great stuff! i love reading your blog! =) always exciting and fun!

Anonymous said...

wow, the water is so pretty!!!!! everything in switzerland is so gorgeous!