Monday, October 6, 2008


It's 5:50AM here and I can't sleep so let's do some counting.

25  the number of times I've been called mixed or half white here.  (And this is only after I started noticing I got mistaken for that a lot that I started to count)

2500  hong kong dollars that I've spent shopping for pure  clothes and accessories and toys for myself

6 pounds I've lost since being here for one month

5 number of times this one girl (we'll call her "D") has introduced herself to me.  She never remembers my name and continually thinks we've never met every time I see her

8 pairs of shoes I've already bought here

2 pairs of shoes I've already broken here

50 HK dollars that I plan to spend everyday on food only so that I can budget and save money for trips and shopping

7AM is usually when my roommate goes to bed every evening- I mean morning

13 mosquito/bed bug bites I've received on my limbs

51674835 my Hong Kong phone number. Now I must remember it, dammit, so I don't keep giving out the wrong numbers to people!

4 times I've had 3 AM dim sum and loving it every time I go

 1 time I've gone clubbing completely sober and found out it is (and I am) not as fun. =( Why does alcohol have to rule my partying life?

3 more months left!


Anonymous said...

clubbing sober is too fun!

isn't this 1234 post reminiscent or erin brokevich?

Jan said...

i've never seen erin brokevich!