Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everyone Poops

... Except when some of them are on vacation...

There's been a long decision process that was undergone in determining whether to discuss this topic on a blog on the Internet where anyone can just read it, store it, blackmail me in the future for it.  But in the end, a decision has been reached. The subject must be mentioned. After all, every does it. 

It consumed much of the trip.  Some did it way more than others.  Some did it right after every meal, and who can blame them when the food looked like this?

Various Filipino cuisine from a buffet dinner 

Chocolatey chocolate cake for Will's birthday

Fire grilled kabobs and fish


Famous dish, chicken adobo

...And tasted just as rich, creamy and abundant?

Alas, those who did it were a lucky bunch.  They didn't have to suffer with a bloated stomach, the discomfort of constipation though they did have to endure listening to those who couldn't do it, just couldn't's whines and complaints. (Thanks guys!)

The constipation streak ended right when Hong Kong island was reached.  But it worries me to no extent because it's a regular occurrence on my vacations. Why why why?  Is it nerves? Is it the dirty toilets? Is it the lack of privacy? Lack of time? Lack of space? Why why why?

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Ivana said...

Dude... yeah pooping out there is a bitch. But what seems to work well when traveling are 'quickies'. Whenever you are at a good stop and people are busy ordering food or taking a rest, GO QUICKIE! Better than tearing up the butthole with hard stool! LOL Too much?