Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where in the World (is Boracay Islands?)

Boracay Islands is a famous little hideaway. Those who wish to catch a glimpse of the crystal clear waters have to do a bit of traveling to get there. It pretty much took us a whole day to get there and back. On our way to the island, we stopped in at Manila and on the way back, at Clark. In between consisted of a lot of bus tickets, tricycle and boat rides and...sitting. Talk about playing hard to get! Below, my lovely volunteer Jessica models for us the way to get to Boracay.

First up was the ferry ride to Macau. Everyone managed to start snoring 10 minutes in on the ride despite the freezing temperature inside the boat.

After flying in a standard sized Tiger Airways plane and staying the night in Manila, we boarded a teeny weeny little propeller plane to the Island. When Jeff saw this, he said, "uh oh. This was the type of planes I was trying to avoid." Despite such an ominous statement, our flight was smooth and peaceful.

After reaching the Island airport, we rode off on one of these babies, gliding through the waters. Though the quarters were cramped, it was a neat experience.

Finally, we landed at our dream destination! But one more ride was still to be had. In Philippines, most people either rode these carts, known as tricycles, or "jeepneys," long, metallic, often gaudy, hearse-like vehicles. The tricycles were bumpy and cramped to the max but it got us where we needed to go!

The final destination?  Yea, definitely worth the sore butts, dry mouths and static hair.

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