Monday, October 6, 2008

One of my favorite apartment memories last year was when Dorothy would bust out her baking pans and pounds of butter and create magical concoctions that just also happened to be super good to eat!

Eventually Kelly got into it and would help Dorothy decorate and I always tried my best to take the prettiest pictures ever so we could post them up on Facebook and make everyone else jealous that we had the yummiest (though piggiest) apartment ever.

We bought some scrumptious "Dam Tats" (egg custards) recently and I just snapped a shot before I took a bite (and then another and another and eventually, it was all gone) but this picture reminded me of my former roommates. 

We resembled egg custards in some ways (oh boy, here comes some 9th grade English flashbacks).  We are tough on the outside but very fragile and soft in the inside.  We crumble at times, we wiggle, we flutter, we even jiggle (sorry Dorothy)! We're yellow. We're light brown when we tan (though none of us ever want to) and we even burn sometimes.  We smell great (especially Kelly after she showers) 

Ok, it really is getting late so I shall head off to bed.  I didn't really have anything important to say. I just wanted to show off this picture and say I miss my roommates.  =) Toodles! 

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Anonymous said...

Aww, i miss you janjann! and your food photography! good times!!