Monday, April 7, 2008

Date With Mraz

"You and I Both" know that Jason Mraz is my absolute favorite singer EVER.  "I'll Do Anything" to see him in concert. (In fact, I already have once, I'm just a "Geek in the Pink" like that.)  I would sell "1000 Things" or lose "Sleep All Day" just to indulge in this "Common Pleasure" of watching my favorite songster perform. 

And that's basically what we did.  jlO and I drove all the way up from LA to San Fran in the course of a day to watch the "Music, Magic and Make Peace"  tour put on by Jason and friends. We lost sleep, lost a lot of money in our wallets, lost some feeling in our feet but found ourselves enjoying one of the best weekends ever.  It was "Strange" driving on San Fran soil but there was "No Stopping Us" and "No Doubling Back." I just wanted to tell Jason..."I'm Yours."  I never got to 'cause I'm just "Shy That Way" but I did get to catch an awesome performance that will stay with me for days to come.

BTW: I was most definitely trying to do some "Wordplay." 

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