Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jason Mraz Concert

After spending a lovely day in one of the coolest cities (literally, it was freezing) ever, the countdown to the concert began.  After arriving at the venue, (the beautiful antiquated Fillmore Auditorium) we found to our dismay that even though we had arrived early-two hours early- it wasn't good enough.  It seems early bird Mraz fans had already been braving the Northern California cold long before we had even arrived to the city.  The line stretched down not one, not two, but THREE blocks of the neighborhood before rounding the corner of a Taco Bell.  

Parked outside the streets were also three or four  of these eco-friendly tour buses.  Mraz' tour with friends is part of a promotion to spread some eco-lovin' ideas to the world.  

All sorts of concert-goers appeared.  It seems Mraz' appeal crosses ages, races and sexes. Young or old, punk or folk, gay or straight, everyone loves Mr. A-Z.

So with two hours on our hands, we practiced our expressions.  Here I am suffering from the cold while warm and bundled jlO smiles cozily.

Shocked because...what is this? Jason? with a ring in his hand?  Bent down on one knee? proposing to me??!  Yes, I do! I do!
What is this??!! The concert is cancelled??!!!!!!! DOn't EVEn!!!

In the midst of our goofiness, Mrazzzzzz himself came out with a ukulele and started serenading the audience!! He was literally an inch away from me!!!  Him and another artist, Bushwalla was all freestylin' and flowin' and when this other person waiting in line started making up these lyrics, they totally went along with it and created a stupendous tune!

The concert itself was also spectacular.  Since the place was standing room only, it was up to us and our sharp elbows to poke and prod our ways to the front. We had a pretty good view the entire night.  

Whether he was just jamming away on his guitar or partying it up with his opening acts and band-mates or signaling for a  jazz trio to pop out of the balcony, Jason Mraz live in concert was most definitely a worthy show. 

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