Monday, April 14, 2008

Venus Cafe

Unfortunately, most other colleges around the world do not have the luxury of chowing down in UCLA's scrumptious, extravagant dining halls.  So, even though UC Berkeley may not have the fortune of experiencing a delicious Sunday brunch in De Neve or Reiber, they can settle by getting their butts down to Venus Restaurant, located at the heart of Downtown Berkeley.  

With an intimate cafe-style atmosphere and artsy pictures hanging from the cozy brick walls, Venus is perfect for those hoping to spend hours catching up with old friends or just grabbing a quick, inexpensive bite to eat.

JlO and I made this our last food stop in Norcal.  Bleary-eyed and barely awake, I ordered the chicken sausage scramble with roasted potatoes and a cheery carrot bran muffin on the side

and JlO made the healthier but not necessarily heartier selection of a vegetarian omelet accompanied by beautifully tossed greens 

Both were delightful farewell gifts from our beloved Northern California.   After a fill up of some strong (ok, not really) coffee, we hit the road, Jack!  But we'll be back...

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Anonymous said...

we should have a baking adventure (ie baking pie in your gorgeous house or taking photos of muffins in our kitchen, hahahha) so you can blog about meeeeee!!