Monday, April 7, 2008

A Tale

Janice and JlO's journey to the Jason Mraz jubilant jam began early Saturday morning. Oh boy, was it early.  Especially for Janice, whose body seemed to have picked the worst day to suffer some jet lag and woke her up at 2 in the morning, never able to go back to sleep again afterwards.

The road was windy and long and the trip was one filled with mellow music (surprisingly, not too much Mraz. You'd think we'd want to prep ourselves) and lovely scenery.  It even contained some surprise stops to frolic in the fields and take a closer look at the majestic Californian windmills.

But alas, frequent distractions like this made the journey even lengthier so it was to our heroines' relieves when the light at the end of the tunnel welcomed them with open arms. 

San Francisco was fun and Jason Mraz was spectacular but all good journeys have a final destination. In this case, it was the front of Reiber Vista.  To rate Janice and jlO's journey success? Why...two (four) thumbs up of course!

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